NO return to last known XY postion after tool change


Just let the machine read and execute the next XY coordinate for the next operation instead of cutting potentially 16 feet of air in my case before being where it should be.

DO NOT have the machine return to the last known XY prior to a tool call.



re-posted for feature request thread

all my other machines do not behave like this. To go in and manually edit a potentially significant number of lines of code to do as suggested is a new time killer and rife for introducing error. That is not something one could easily modify their post to accomplish by itself.

So based on your description of the logic flow, I suggested this change
  • So it completes the last commanded move
  • Reads next line - its a tool change command
  • OK stop reading Gcode
  • Goto tool change routine
  • Tool change routine does the tool change & tool measure
  • Return to where it was - as part of the tool change remove this from the logic of the tool change, it is not helpful

  • Read next line of code
  • Move to new location.

simple really. I don't know of any other controller that does this. If it needs to be back where it was prior to the tool change it will already be in the posted code after the tool change call anyway.

It should be,
  1. read tool change
  2. run tool change routine (with no extraneous unproductive moves after measuring)
  3. execute next line of code

So maybe MASSO should add in a little standard programming such as "dump current XY variable" or "issue new XY variable form tool change position" as the replacement for the XY prior to the tool change call. It really needs to be done.