Older working CNC running Supercam with Accelus Motion Controllers


Good day all.

As the subject states- I have an older router running supercam on Windows 98 it is working fine with servos on the X & Y and a stepper on the Z.

My question is - does Masso replace the computer AND the motion controllers (in this case I have 3 Accelus ASP-090-36 contollers).

My Motor Data Sheets are attached to see if they are even compatible with the Masso. I know one is a generic but my motor fits into that category.

At the end of the day I am simply looking for ways to get away from the Windows 98 Machine and simplify the set up.

If anyone has any Supercam questions I have the users guide.


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  • ea090a-brushless_dc_motor_catalog.pdf
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Hi @jgoss

Masso does away with both the PC and motion controller. You do need to provide your own stepper and servo drives as Masso only provides Step and direction signals to control these. The Motor data sheets are of no use as it is the drives that interface with Masso and not the motors. The Accelus ASP-090-36 appears to be a servo drive and from what I can tell they can use Step and direction signalling from the manual I found below. Page 4


Hope this helps

Cheers Peter


Thank you for the response- form you are stating the MASSO will work with my set up. Is that a correct statement?