On screen editing


Need to be able to edit programs on screen. Should not have to save program file to thumb drive to edit on a computer.

Also need to have the line that is currently running in the program highlighted.


Have I missed a change in the program?

I've edited programs on screen by pressing Ctl-E which brings up the editor ..

I have noticed that holding the up or down key does NOT automatically keep repeating a line by line move .. but if you grab the slider with your mouse you can slide from top to bottom very quickly.


Sorry ..

I forgot to mention you have to be in the F2 program screen to get to the editor ..

Once your file is loaded into the controller .. it can be edited as mentioned!


Completely agree about having the currently running line highlighted in the program window.

If I use single-block mode in (v3.29.1a) I notice a highlighted line does track its way down the program, but it is definitely not tracking properly.

This actually through me off at first because my tool changes were happening several lines further down the program from the actual Txx M6 line.

I've also noticed the CTRL-O toggle for optional stop seems to be sticky with the keyboard, that should be looked into.


Hi All

i thought you can only modify programs that have a maximum on about 85 lines of code when pressing Buttons Control & E together. Anything more than that just doesn t show any code on the screen then we need to modify the program back at the computer. Is there something I m doing wrong