Our first CNC build


Hi all.

I m from Denmark
My daytime job is as a Fullstack developer and in the evenings and weekends I m 3D printing and doing 3d artwork in 3d s max and fusion360.

I always wanted a CNC so me an the boyfriend is building one. And I decided to go with the Masso. (Still to be purchased ?)

CNC info.

Dimensions in mm:

Y2600 belt
X1500 ballskrew
Z300 ballskrew

frame made of wood and 45x90 aluminum extensions

water cooled Spindel 2.2 kWh 1-12mm collets
HY vfd
Break resistor : 500W 220V electric heater (my idea pretty proud of that ?)
Y: 2xClosed loop Nema34 12newton with stepper
X and Z :Closed loop nema23 2.4 newton with stepper
Meanwell: 2x48v 1000W, 12v 54w, 5v 12w, 24V 75w

shielded Lapp cables:
4conductor 1.5G 50m
8conductor 0,7G 50m

About the build.

the X axis have a slight issue with twist in the y direction and we need to fix that.

motor strew alignment on x and z needs fixing , the plan is to let the machine make new more precise parts, we have done all by hand. And holes doesn t always align ?.

one thing is for sure, available tools are exploding with a massiv project like this. Our workshop will be great once we are done.

The scale and coast is as expected, we stared about 2 months ago and think it s about 2 months to finish.

Hope you like it ??

here are som built pictures of the machine.


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Nice looking Machine Kimberly.
Hope to see more of it as you proceed with the build.
I really like the draw with the monitor on an angle. That is something new to me.
My mantra with building and accuracy is if you can't make it perfect, and trust me, you can't, make it adjustable.
When you say the X & Y axis is skewed do you mean the X axis is not at right angles to the Y?
If that is the case then you can square that up with the auto squaring feature.
Everything else looks like it is easily adjustable.
All the best with the rest of your build and welcome to MASSO.
I look forward to seeing some of your work once you are up and running.

Cheers Peter


Hi Peter, awsome, nutty videos. And thanks for them ?

The skew I m referring to is a rotation perpendicular to the X axis.
was loos nuts. It has 1mm deflection on the tip of the Spindel now.

We were a bit, baffled by why, Y would not move after homing.
after a bit of thought, we found out.
Y is homing in the positive, so after homing it would not move. (Soft limit would trigger because it s going to less than home) Took a bit of processing in my tiny brain to wrap my brain around.
But Y should of course be set to home inverted. Homing is homing to negativ(towards you, when facing the machine) so positive is away from you.

I m properly not the first or last to putting it in writing, did a forum search, but noting came up, had to figure it out.

In other News:
The CNC is up an running. To quote Homer Simpson (Woohoo !)

To square X and Y . We used the MDF plate as reference. A 3mm drill in the chuck.

and make sure the plate was aligned along Y.
for 90dec to X we used the same bit. Moving along X, and the perpendicular side of the MDF plate.

We then used the Y(b) motor end-stop skrew to square it up.within about 0.2mm on x on a 1233mm distance. About 0.0051 degrees on that distance. Assuming the MDF is square.


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I'm the guy in the Norway sweater, holding the MPG.

Some years ago I owned a Sherline mill, but sold it.

So when watching TOT videos on Youtube ignited an old kindle.

I have a past as an electrician and electronics technician.

This lead to a brief period in the CNC industry, when the german "Treuhand Institut" sent a lot of old eastern block machines to Denmark for CNC conversion, right after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Working with the Masso controller has been an absolute joy so far. I'm amazed how well thought through it is. Nothing else, I know of, comes close to this.

We're still getting to know it in more detail, but we are enjoying the journey every bit as much as the destination, I'm sure.

Best regards



CNC is running now the hunt for grimlins start. Ohh joy.

our Y and slaved B axis are out sync, it seems to run late/faster , or jitters when moving.

going to try to ground the shields and recheck the wiring.

hope it resolves the issue.

X and Z are running smoothly.


Staff member
Hi Kimberly

Could you share a copy of your printable setting file please so we can better see your setup?
Cable shields need to be grounded at one end only, usually the controller end.
Never ground a shield at both ends or you will spend the rest of your life chasing problems or worse.

Cheers Peter


Hello Peter,

thanks for the sugestions. We are always on the lookut for signs of EMI related symptoms.

But I think we found the problem. Maybe it could be of use to someone else, so I'd like to share our findings here.

Our machine is a bit of a bastard of cheap and expensive parts.

Your videos on Masso convinced us that it was the way to go for controller.

But we skimped out on the steppers and stepper drivers. Basically we bought the cheapest NEMA 34's we could find on eBay.

I think they are manufactured by Sumtor and the drivers are called HSC86A.

Those can run in two modes and we have been using the "FOC" mode. But after I switched them to "PM" mode the axis are running much nicer.

I think the DSP in the drivers are not able to keep up in FOC mode.

We tested out making a few pockets and they appear perfectly round now.

Best regards

Kimberly and Jan