Pause program until input


Hi there,

Is there a way to have the program pause until an input happens. I heed to move the x and y axis to a position. Then another part of the machine will perform a function. When that function is finished, it will pulse a input on the control. When this pulse occurs, the cotroller will move to the next position.

The are two wsys I can do it... i can send a pulse or I can send a position from an encoder. They encoder would be best since I can program the stop to happen at different pisitions more easily.




@triump I don't program G-Code Manually very often but I believe program stop is M0. There is also G4 PXXX which pauses it for XXX number of milliseconds. Please test it carefully for yourself before implementing but I believe this should work.


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@triump You can use M00 (Program stop) in your gcode to stop the program.

Then you can have one of the inputs on the MASSO assigned as cycle start input, when this pin goes high your gcode program will start running.

hope this helps...