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Hi guys,

sorry for all the newb questions.

Just trying to decide on either Masso MPG Pendant or just the Handwheel and what exactly are the differences.

I only have a small machine (600x1000) and currently use a Shuttle express USB handwheel/Pendant running under Mach3.

For those that havn't used one; it has 2 dials, I have it set so the top dial is continuous and the bigger lower one is for step mode. It also has buttons for axis selection.

Now I have decided to bite the bullet and go Masso

Does the Masso Handwheel have axis selector knob or buttons on it (I can't see any in the pic) as well as options for step or continuous jog modes, and is it spring loaded like the shuttle.

I take it the Handwheel is just a budget version of the Pendant without axis selection etc

Thanks in advance


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Looking at "shop documentation" the handwheel is just that, you need to add the necessary switches & circuitry to select axis & resolution or you can select the pendant which is ready to go. Some members have used pendants from other sources and had problems.

I don't use a pendant so can't supply further information about MASSO's product.




I have the masso pendant. All I use on it is the e stop button. Keyboard is all you need.

Oh and Mach 3 sucks. You will love your masso. My job counter is around the 1600 mark with no crashes or destroyed materials.

All the best

Regards Carl



The Masso Pendant has a manual pulse generator (MPG) wheel, two selector knobs, and an E-Stop button. The selector knobs allow you to select between axis (OFF, X, Y, Z, A, B) and preset increments (.0005, .0010, .0100, .1000). If you press F11 the MPG wheel can be used to adjust the feed rate from 0 to 100%. If you press F12 the MPG can be used to adjust the spindle speed from 0 to 100%. To exit from F11 or F12 you simply turn one of the selector knobs on the MPG. The E-Stop can be used stand-alone or in combination with other E-Stop buttons on your machine. The pendant has a built-in magnet on the back of the case so it can stick to the side of a typical CNC machine enclosure or any other magnetic surface. I use my Masso MPG every time I run a program. It has worked flawlessly for more than a year. I simply can't live without it and find it very robust.

Hope this information is helpful.

Cheers, Stephen Brown