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Hello, I have the MPG2 pendant and the C75 pendant interface I bought from CNC4PC. I have my electronics enclosure just about done and some clearpath servos hooked up and everything is wired correctly with green lights. I can jog the servos from the Masso jog screen and everything is working as intended. The only E-stop I am using is on the pendant and it works. But I get no servo movement thru the pendant. Is there something I need to do on the Masso to get movement? I am new to this. This is my first attempt at a CNC conversion so bare with me.


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Hi Halfstep

I'm not familiar with the pendant you have not the adapter to connect it to Masso but I will help if I can.

You don't need to set anything up normally for the Pandant to work. All pin positions are hard wired in Masso and not changable though you can invert them if needed. I have included a link to the pendant page in the documentation which may help with how its should be wired.

There are 3 sets of inputs you need to have working for the pendant to move an axis. These are the Select, Resolution and the Digital Signal inputs. You will find them on the F1 screen.

When you select an axis one of the Select inputs should go High eg. when you select the Y axis on the pendant the Select Y input on the F1 screen will change from low to high

When you select your resolution 1, 10 or 100 one of the Resolutions 1,2 or 3 will go high.

Lastly the Digital signal A & B inputs will be low but when you turn the dial you will see them both intermittently flashing High and low then will both return to low when you stop turning.

If you check out the F1 screen and go through the pendant options and see what works and what doesn't you should be able to narrow down the issue.

Hope this helps