Pitch Error Comp, Backlash Comp, Cutter Comp. And some more G-codes.


Bravin Neff
I'm surprised I don't read/hear more requests for pitch error comp, given the proliferation of rolled ballscrews. They are great and inexpensive, but they tend to have inaccuracies, which accumulate linearly, and pitch error comp can tune that out.

I can live without backlash comp, but I think this would make it far more pro.

Cutter comp... I don't think its super important for people who do everything with CAM, but the fact Masso has conversational programming as a standard feature, and being an old G-code-by-hand person myself, I think cutter comp is necessary. Particularly as the target market consists of machines that are not going to be super rigid. Not-super-rigid = tool-deflection, and too-deflection = needs-cutter-comp, particularly for traditional 2D and 2.5D work where fitment (keyways, dowel holes, bores) is critical.

More G-codes. More work offsets beyond G54-G59. More hole making canned cycles beyond G73/G81/G83, I can't remember if fanuc macro-b is supported, but that would put you over the top.

I consider the major competition to be Centroid/Acorn, and it has all these things. I like your model of No-PC embedded OS *far* better than the others. Please implement these things!


Bravin Neff