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Hi there.

Wondering if anyone has got a plasma up and going with the center punch/drill plasma (to mark center points to drill small holes afterwards)? I've just got the machine up and going with a modified Post on SheetCam but can anyone tell me what I need to edit in the post now to get G code for this? Currently im judt getting G code to goto the last hole and come back to 0,0 doing nothing in between...

Also is there a "Pause" G code in Masso too? to give one time to alter the Plasma amperage for marking vs cutting? ie: Pause, alter amperage, press resume on masso to continue?


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Hi ciaranohara

I'm not sure what the best option for your center punch is. I was thinking that using a tool offset like G55 might work for you but I think you need to zero it whenever you Zero your G54 so it might not be the best solution for you. I wonder if G91 Incremental mode is an option for you. Move to the spot you want to punch, Change to incremental mode and move by the offset of the tool eg 2" x 3". Punch the center then move back to the original position eg -2" x -3" Return to Absolute mode G90. You might be able to set this up as a subroutine using M98 & M99.

I don't know if it will work but it is a thought.

For the pause you need to use the Dwell function G04. Just remember it is in Milliseconds

Hope this helps






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I use SheetCam and using their drill routine I have been piercing holes for use as a "center punch". I'm attaching my post though I haven't finalized everything it does generate good functional code. With my 0.9mm nozzle on my Everlast 50S, I get about a 1.5mm round hole. for 12g steel, I'm using 40A and a 1 second delay with a 0.18 inch pierce height. Nice round fairly clean hole.


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