Plasma long delay before moving



I have masso plasma and the Chinese THC "SH-HC30 Height Controller", so i don't use Z axis.
To control this THC i use this g-code:
N0100 M62 P1 (---THC Down On---)
N0110 G04 P3000 (---Touch Delay---)
N0120 M63 P1 (---THC Down Off---)
N0130 M03 (---Torch ON---)
N0140 G04 P400 (---Pierce Delay---)
N0150 M62 P3 (---THC Auto On---)
N0160 G01 F100.0
N0170 G02 X73.2044 Y80.4591 I2.6887 J-1.7352 F1920.0
N0180 I-13.2042 J-20.4593 F4800.0
N0190 M05 (---Torch OFF---)
N0200 M63 P3 (---THC Auto Off---)
N0210 M62 P2 (---THC Up On---)
N0220 G04 P2500 (---Up Delay---)
N0230 M63 P2 (---THC Up Off---)

The problem is, after the M03 it delay 5-6 sec before start moving instead of the 0.4 sec in the G04.
I tried without G04 and without Arc OK. but it still delay 5-6 sec before start moving.
This delay mess up the THC and sometime shutdown the plasma.
I think its have to be something with the "Spindle UP delay and DOWN delay settings".
but since i have the plasma version i can't change this delay to none.
what can i do to cancel this delay?

Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks.


MASSO Support
Staff member
@yqball we found that on some units there is an internal delay added because of some junk data in memory. We have now added logic to clear this memory to fix the issue. Can you please let us know the controller serial number and we will send the update