Plasma POST Processor with THC


Hi Ross, went to the site and it wouldn't let me vote! I am going to go back and try again. I am doing a scriber on a air cylinder like yours and need a post that has a scriber in it. I am going to see if Masso can modify the sheetcam post with thc they already have. Thanks Ben


Hi Ben,

Like you I can hardly wait to see it added to the Masso post scripts.

I got mine to work using the Mach3 post script in Sheetcam, but still working on trying to get the plasma to run!

I have it all nearly rewired now and I had to tack weld the new machine plasma head bracket, turned on the mig and no air flow!

Have to find a new solenoid switch for the mig now before I can see if I have solved my plasma noise problems yet!

(Life is full of issue's)

Thanks Ben, The more people asking Masso for the scribe function the better.

From Ross.


Ross the current masso post in sheet cam fires the scribe with ctrl: AppendText("M08/M09 turn the engraver on/off\n")

why do you need m10 m 11 if so just change it


There is a offset needed for the scriber to reference the x,y differences from the torch, I am still figuring this out but I am getting close. I have my air cylinder and scriber mount finished and running the air lines with an auto oiler for the air scriber. I wanted to write my own post, but when I started really looking into it I was surprised at the amount of work. Sheetcam posts are written in LUA macro, something I am completely unfamiliar with. I found some generic plasma posts with THC and scriber but they are written for Mach 3. I should be ready to run some test files with the scriber in a few days to test it. Cutting simple brackets and artwork with the masso and it runs really well. I had to get all my grounds run separate and do some shielding but now it runs well.


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