Plasma setup with PROMA 150 and required gcode


MASSO Support
Staff member
For the plasma version to work with a THC system such as PROMA 150 a few things need to be setup for wiring and gcode.
  1. The UP, Down and Arc OK signals need to be wired to the MASSO inputs and then setup as per this example:
  2. After wiring and setting up the controller the gcode needs take care of:
    1. Torch touch using G38.2 command:
    2. Move to piercing height using G0 or G1 motion.
    3. start torch using M3:
    4. Piercing delay using G04:
    5. Move to cutting height using G0 or G1 motion.
    6. The THC can be switched ON / OFF using M666 and M667 commands:

  3. The above sequence needs to be in the gocde file or added to your CAM post-processor so that the gcode is automatically generated, we have an example post-processor for SheetCAM: