plasma torch height controll


have you guys made any updates for THC so it work like it suppose to

1 a slide bar to control the thc Z reaction speed

2 a min max z height setting to stop z from crashing

3 a THC on start delay to delay thc on . this will allow a cut befor thc starts


ok how do I delay the THC on right after the pierce delay the z lowers to cut height . how do I delay the thc coming on after pierce delay

and were is the min max THC z setting this g code do not come from sheet cam

so is there a custom post processor

and not being able to slow the thc reaction down with a slide bar . makes it hard to operate the THC it going to bounce up and down

you cant change it on the fly


Here is how "Feed Rate" is placed into the postscript. Shown in Blue.

function ThcOn()
if(thcstate ==0) then
thcstate = 1
post.Text(" M667 F250 (---THC on---)\n");

if(thcstate == 2) then
thcstate = 0

If my understanding is correct the Proma has a D-T built into it, delay time, But I might be wrong about this, cause the Proma manual is hard to understand is not explained in plan English.

Yep still waiting for Masso to build their THC!

Thanks for your help in the past, From Ross.


masso until you put the controls for the torch height on the screen like I posted hear the Torch height will never work right. the g code thing not going to work

this is not a mill plasma is the hardest cnc table to run because of the constant voltage change of metals ..

I been working with several people the thc just does not cut it . the controller works fine . it lacks torch height control one guy crashing his z

you guys need to put some effort in to this . or it never going to cut it with plasma uses .. this is why small oem table builders wont use a masso


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