plasma torch touch


question is there a way if I use an ohmic touch connect to the torch touch in wire... I know there an off set for a slide switch setting ...

what I would like to do is connect the ohmic line to the slide switch in series this way if the ohmic fails to connect the slide switch

will go active . the problem is the ohmic requires no offset.. the slide requires a switch off set

this is needed the ohmic will fail drive my torch in the metal in my case the mag mount will disconnect the torch and stop

any ideas how to make this work or mabe a feature add input on plasma for ohmic and torch slide inputs


clearly your not understanding what im asking 1 if I use ohmic cense and it fails on rust. the z will continue to lower. so if there was another input for the slide switch

you would be able to use both I guess adding an ohmic input would be the answer this way ohmic cense fails the torch will lower the torch slide switch connect and torch rises to cut high and keeps going


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oh ok, got it. so then that would mean that the ohmic input will not have and offset value and the other input will have the switch offset value.