Plasma. v3.40.10pre problem


The plasma v3.40.10pre . still needs some work done to it.

Problem is at the end off each cut the Z axis doesn't raise to safe travel height.

It slides along the job and breaks the torch away when it snags on any raised bits of metal.

Thanks from Ross.


Hi Ross

I just finished the integration of MASSO on my plasma system.

On my first run tests I found that problem, and after analyze the G code I found the THC remain turned on, by M667 code, during all code execution, but this must be turned off just after the plasma torch is turned off by M05 code in order to release the Z axis control.

When THC is on the Z axis does'n respond to the G00 and G01 instructions. You can test that on F2 screen, press the THC button and try to move manually the Z axis and it doesn't respond.

So, I check on the post proccesor that I download from the MASSO web link (MASSO Plasma (with THC).scpost) and after analyze it I modified to always put M666 instruction after the M05, then the system runs fine

Attached are the codes and postproeccesor edited by me.

I hope this help

Ricardo Ruiz


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Hi Ricardo,
I did a TAP file of your post script and sorry to say it won't work.
I will attach a file for you to look at. "2 straight lines very simple" N0260 thc not turning off.
The problem is that Masso has made the thc to hijack other commands.
Doesn't matter what post script you use Masso or Mach3 same issue.
I did my own post script mod and it turns off thc but it won't turn on for the second cut.
The programing I believe needs to be fixed not the post script.
Masso will have to look into it.
From Ross.


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One thing: ThcOff needs to be outside the if (endDelay > 0)-block in the OnPenUp function:
function OnPenUp()

post.Text (" M05 (---Torch OFF---)\n")



if (endDelay > 0) then

post.Text (" G04 P")

post.Number (endDelay * 1000,"0.###")





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