Plasma v3.41 and Proma THC working fine


I'm using code v3.41 and a Proma THC 150 on my plasma table, it is working as expected and I'm happy with my cutting results.

I did have to do 1 minor tweak: add the feedrate to the M667 command in the SheetCam post and to slow the THC feedrate down to 127 mm/min / 5 ipm. Leaving out the feedrate for THC allowed my Z axis to go crazy bouncing up and down too fast and too far (my default Z feedrate is 30 ipm) and cuts would either be incomplete or the torch head would hit the material. Slowing down the Z feedrate solved the problem. My voltage target range on the Proma is +/- 5% of the desired voltage which seems to be a reasonable range.

Thanks to Masso and everyone else that helped them sort out the issues with the Proma THC, saving me many headaches.


Sorry been using the machine and not paying attention to the forum. I'm attaching some pictures of my 2 foot x 4 foot machine. Includes a floating Z head with breakaway (via eBay out of Canada) and a water table. So far so good, making decent parts for my restomod MG project. Sorry I haven't taken any videos while cutting, not sure what the plasma light would do to my cell phone camera, maybe nothing but . . .


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My system is also working well with the new version. I am running my Z at 25 IPM standard speed. With the Capacitive THC, I also modified the sheetcam post and for my last project I used M667 F17. It kept up with some significant warping without radical bouncing.