PlasmaSens, any one use it?


I am looking for a torch height controller for my plasma and cane across the PlasmaSens. Any one use one with the Masso.



I have the PlasmaSense installed in my system. I will pass along my experience to help you make an informed decision.
  1. For it to work with the MASSO, you must pair it with the PlasmaSenseOUT. This will take the place of the USB and Ethernet controllers that Anthony L mentioned.
  2. The unit (pair) are EXTREMELY noise sensitive. I have been on a 5 month journey of rewiring, ground isolation, and ferrite choke installs, without a 100% reliable solution. The problem seems to be coming from the PlasmaSense side of things.
  3. Boris at PoLabs has been very helpful with suggestions, but has not resolved my issues completely.
  4. The biggest improvement came from replacing almost all of the control wiring in the panel with shielded twisted pair cables.
  5. I purchased my units from CNC4PC in Florida, USA. They have been fantastic with all of the help, suggestions and replacement units.
  6. As a result of all of the changes to my system, (including replacing all of the DMM Servo drives); I have a system with minimal electrical noise, but the THC still has comm issues. So, for now, I can not recommend the PoLabs THC system.
  7. I still have some more testing to do after re-locating the position of the PlasmaSense, But I do not expect any new developments.
  8. One more minor thing. The units are designed to mount on DIN rails inside of the control panel, but adjustments must be made during system operation. I would prefer to have a unit that can be panel mounted.

I hope this helps with your question.


Anthony L
Here are some feature you might want to consider when purchasing a THC
  1. THC automatic override while cutting - this will allow you to cross previous cut lines without the torch diving into the material by turning it off before the cross over and back on after.
  2. Adjustable voltage on the fly - tips wear, the temperature of the material, different grades of material.
  3. Independent control or override of Z-axis - this is used while cutting lift a little to avoid crashes, moving to the next cut to lift over parts sticking up, lift up on springy metal when touching off.
  4. An adjustable touch of height that is not hardcoded G-Codes - this is used for springy material and stops blowing the end of the nozzle.
  5. All adjustment knobs/switches available at the fingertips - you don t want to be flipping through a menu to make a quick adjustment or have the adjustment tucked away on the plasma unit or worse flying around on the carriage next to the torch. (cncburn mentioned this in his post #8)
  6. Corner Height Hold Input - this isn t just used for when the machine slows down for a corner and stops the torch from diving into the corner it is also used for the start of a cut (ie wiggle starts and edge starts) and end of cuts (over cutting)


check robot 3T there unit run well you can use a fully stand alone unit hook it to the masso for better control

what realy needs to happen is masso needs to build a intergrated thc put some sereen controls like this screen a bata relice fom ess warp 9 mach 4 THC using texas microcircuits intergrated thc


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wow thy have a wide assortment of controllers, now to just figure out what one i need.

I notice thy have one that outputs step and direction and another that outputs up/down. I'm guessing the step/direction version is wired straight to the stepper driver and the up/down version is fed back to the masso? I would think keeping the masso out of the loop would speed things up. Not talking bad about the masso, just thinking that's one less thing it has to do. I do like the option of capacitance distance measuring but how well does it work with a plasma arc going off right next to it.


any one will work the one with the up down inputs will work like the proma but better I know people running with mach 3 just fine

the step direction will take the control out of the Z out of masso hands when the thc is on I not sure how masso handals it

the problem with the thc in the masso it lacks features . what it needs is a min max thc Z setting .. so if the voltage goes a stray it wont lift the torch off the table

or cause it to dive in to the table .. the other need is after pierce delay the torch lowers to cut height as thc starts right away .. well there needs a delay setting to delay thc after pierce delay .. there also needs to be an anti dive feature when cutting corners you get a voltage change torch does not dive in the corners it allows the z to only go so low

masso feels just sick all this stuff in the Gcodes . well that's fine to a point. it been over a year I had my masso I see no plasma fixes for the thc to operate correctly


So if the Masso has thc problems would it not be better to take the thc control away from it with the step direction being controlled by the magic box? Also being that the Masso is undergoing software changes it would sure suck to get an update that has thc control turned off. Youwoujd then be scrued.


I think your miss understanding what I saying . the masso works fine .. what they need it to add some thc fetures to make THC work right

a screen control to delay thc on after pierce. min max thc response settings and anti dive setting . a way to turn off thc on the screen not just g codes

your not going to gain anything using a step direction thc ma be a micro second of motor response if that. over up down inputs

unless you run a fully standalone unit like a kindall thc your not going to see any real advantage over a simple up down input unit. they work fine in mach 3

the real ad vantage would be masso build a fully intergrated THC unit in the controller displaying voltage and all the controls. like the bata ess pic I posted above has

or something like command cnc has any THC is only as good as you set the voltage right to your torch


by chance I was reading this post and it is what I am hearing now, looking for information from Plasmasens. I am testing the unit of Proma SD. I have not been able to try any other, but with this one that moves by pulse and direction, by canceling the passage of the middle orders you MASSO works correctly. What happens is that when moving the Z down in the penetrations, in cuts with very long gcodes it loses height of the limit of the Z. With what comes a point that MASSO jumps the alarm of end of travel of the Z. This It's too heavy for me That's why I was looking at this height control. But I think I'm going to try the Proma 150 because it passes through MASSO.