Please add tool name description once appears note(as it shows only tool number)


Hello It is a bit pour that masso have only tool number description note.Can you please add the Tool number and name description of the tool asap.This will help to many.

One more thing new 4.01version has an issue with usb linked keyboard,stops working after while,freez.switch the usb cable off and then on and it works fine.Byt anyway have got wirless keyboard,and works perfect with no issue.
But please check what i mean about updating tool description name once it shows on thew screen.My work staff can not read tool name on the monitor.Please see carefully.This is very simple and programmers can add this in a sec.Please do.

Thank you ,very much.


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Having the tool description here would help verify for the operator.

I agree, the G code window should bias the data to what is coming up, not what has been. Right now there is no "look ahead" ability as noted here. When running a new program its needful to be able to monitor the code that is about to be executed so as to pause, slow down or stop completely. Right now its like driving at 80 mph in the dead of night with no lights and a bright sunny day in your rear view mirror. 2-3 lines of executed code at top and the rest all pending code would be preferable.



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Hi Guy's,

Only just spotted this.
MASSO does display the tool name when a tool change is requested.
If you go into the F4 screen you will see tools 1 - 99 on the G3 or 1-32 on the G2
Simply double click the tool number in question, enter a tool name and save.
Now when you execute an M6 command it display the tool number and the name from the tool table.

Hope this helps
Cheers Peter