portal CNC with fixed umbrella tool changer


Hello Masso support,

Greetings from Slovakia, Europe

I found problem with my design and setup for umbrella tool changer. As you can see on the picture, have portal milling machine with fixed 12 tool changer. Tool will change with movements Z and X. Need setup for Z height clamp / unclamp and X position for tool change. And drawbar are removed for simplify. Is possible configure controller this way ? Could you help me please ?

Many thanks, Michal


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Hi Michal

The rotary tool changer logic is designed for the tool changer to come to the spindle on mill setup with a fixed column and therfore has no X axis parameter. There is are the Z axis clearance and slide in position parameters that you need.
I suggest you contact MASSO support and see what can be done.

Cheers Peter