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still having post processor problems in sheetcam not doing what i need it to do like at the end of the cut turning off the torch and then moving to the next part with out it cutting my part in two pieces . masso said to change it in the spindle setting. but i tryed that and it worked but it will be a pain to have to do that for every job i do on the table . so im hoping someone in here has a plasma cnc that can give me better pointers on how to really set this up as yes it only been up and running a few days now and yes i all ready going to pick up a (i hope a nice paying job) for this table to start to get back all this money i have put into this machine. another thing that comes to mind is getting maybe a cheat sheet on tools for inside of sheetcam as right now i only have one for 20 g steel and works great no dross at all . first cuts on this machine and hit it right on the noise was a great feeling today. im telling you all . but for lol i put a 1/4 plate up there and tryed the same cut it was a bad idea . so this is why im asking for a cheat sheet for steel and aluminum if you dont mind sharing this info as i did look a little tonight for some info and only found programs that you have to pay for speeds and feeds as right now funds are kinda low from paying for sheetcam today. well time for me to go to bed so i can get up and do it again thanks again for the help .here is a few more pic's of my build and will add more tomorrow of what it looks like now


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Hi Ironman

I apologize if I have you mixed up with someone else but I'm assuming that you are Richard and it was my suggestion to set the spin down timer on the spindle to a time long enough for the torch to turn off. You mentioned that it works so I'm a bit confused why you would need to change it each time. The spin down timer is stored in Masso so never needs changing as long as you ensure it is long enough for the torch to shut off. Could you elaborate on what the problem is.

I'm sorry but I have no knowledge on Sheetcam so cannot help with that aspect.




what you are asking for are cut amp and speed settings . only hypertherm has them they spend thousands on producing that information for the plasma cutters

the china cutters do not you would have to figure the settings out on your own . that why I always advise people to get a hypertherm . they have all the settinds for all steel