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Hi all, I have a hobby mill made by Sherline using EMC2 AKA LinuxCNC.

I use Solidworks and Solidworks CAM to draw and posts. figured out the post and for the most part, it works.

The problem is a lot of features I regard as fundamental are not implemented i.e. M06, speed/motor control, Limit switches.

I am thinking of upgrading to a Masso controller. When configuring the cam software AKA tweaking the post what is a good post to start with? i.e. for the Sherline/LinuxCNC a generic Fanuc is a good starting point.

Is the Masso based on an existing platform or do we just build the post from the bottom on up?

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Hi @mhatay

While Masso is not based on another platform I have made Post processors for Vectric and ArtCam and the Starting point I use is the Mach3 Post Processor.

It seems to be mostly compatible with Masso and it is very well supported in most CAM software.

I basically removed unsupported Gcode and tidied up output the format for readability.

Please be aware for your T? M06 that you need to have an M05 before it or tool changes will not work properly.

See the documentation and our list of supported GCode.

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I went ahead and ordered the Sherline/MASSO controller. By what I understand this has been tweaked for the Sherline mill and lathe.

For example, M6 is configured for manual tool change and when combined with a prompt i.e. (MSG, " Change to .250 ENDMILL ROUGH") will stop retract pause and prompt.

From Sherline PDFs,

T2 M6 [ M6 Tool change, to Tool #2] [ When the machine reads this line, The spindle will stop, Tool #1 and the Z axis
will go to machine zero in the Z axis. Then the machine will move to the tool change position and the machine will stop
so you can change the tool. The control will ask you to click on Cycle Start to continue with the program.]

If it works will be pretty sweet!




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Yes. That how it works and is standard for the mill version of MASSO.




I have another quick question I am not completely clear on...

I will be using the Masso on both a mill and lathe.

If I understand it correctly I will have to install the software specific to the machine I want to run each time I switch.


Will I lose configuration infomation when switching between machines?

Can configurations be backed up?