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Hey Masso,

Well it really does pay to "Read the F..... Manual" :)

Would I be correct to assume this Post Processor would be the post of choice for Solidworks with HSMXpress (Autodesk tool path generator Plug-in)
For Fusion 360, use the inbuilt post fanuc.cps Generic FANUC as this will works directly on our controller


Quote from MASSO Support on February 21, 2018, 10:38 am

Please use this post while we get our post made for fusion360.

@masso-support Is this post complete? I've seen one available on autodesks website-which I downloaded and tried, but it doesn't work for probing. Is it usable for milling?


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never used gcode from fusion for probing, been writing manual gcode for probing, will be interesting to see how it can be done via fusion.

@homebrew_cnc what's your plan/application for probing using fusion? this is new for us.


@masso-support To answer your question, it's really just what @testyourdesign is working on: I just want a reliable method of referencing tops and corners of stock or centers of bores/shafts to reliably setup WCS. I used probing ALL the time on mach3 to find corners and stuff and it was a lifesaver so many times. If I break a tool or anything that causes me to lose my work offset, then I could just probe the corner or center back in, and keep going and it was within .001 easily. It's especially useful when flipping or doing multiple ops on parts because you could use machined features as your WCS and you knew it was dead on. Now I have to use a manual edge finder which doesn't help with finding the Z, and they're just frustrating to use.

Please don't take this as a gripe, because I'm still SOOO happy with the Masso, and your work to make it better everyday. You guys have made an amazing product and anyone that asks, I constantly recommend it. I'll say though, it's kind of frustrating that probing isn't fully supported yet. I asked in an email before I ever bought my Masso, if probing was supported and I got a yes, with a link to your probing page. My fault, but I just assumed that the site wasn't up to date, but the link I got isn't probing, but just tool length management. Don't get me wrong, that's an awesome feature to have, but these are CNC machines; there's no reason we shouldn't be able to use electronics to find our corners and centers, or even go as far as verifying sizes of parts and features while the part is still on the machine.

I've tried experimenting with the MASSO post and probing but I can't even get it to give me G-code. Every other post that I've tried (Haas generic and Fanuc generic) gives me G65. That to be the probing standard from what little I've looked the last couple days-even for Haas and Fanuc, as I can't find much on G38.2


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Sorry for not being as active these days. I am so swamped with work that I can't break free to comment as much as use to.

As you might have guessed programming for Probing in Fusion360 requires a custom post processor for each machine controller. So far they only provided Post Processors for Probing on the large CNC machines which use like HAAS. I was able to get an output from Fusion360 without any errors using the HAAS, HEIDENHAIN, and OKUMA post processors. Those controllers use custom macros written to make use of the functions in the machine controller and a Renishaw probe.

I think that @masso-support will need to develop the Macro's needed for them to implement this function in the post processor. Lars suggested reading the Fanuc CNC Custom Macro's book for insight on how to do this if you are not familiar with it. Take a look at the G-Code generated by the OKUMA posts to see the custom macro calls below...

(Okuma Probe1)
N4 T3 M06
N5 T7
N6 G15 H06
N8 G00 X0. Y0.
N9 G56 Z6.2 H03
N10 G65 P9832
N12 G65 P9810 Z0.2 F10
N13 G65 P9812 Z-0.12 X12.0485 R0.24 Q0.4 S1.
N14 G65 P9812 Z-0.12 Y3.7808 R0.24 Q0.4 S1.
N15 G65 P9810 Z6.2
N16 G65 P9833
N17 M05
N18 G90 G00 Z400.

Here are some good lessons to learn how to use the Probing Function in Fusion 360 CAM but the Fusion360 post processor for Masso does not support it at this time.

Lars Christensen Explains Probing in Fusion 360

Fusion360 Mastering WCS Probing Videos

Fanuc Custom Macro Programming

Cheers, Stephen Brown


@testyourdesign Thank you so much for the time you put into this and your explanations. Please forgive me for not being very familiar with macros, but are those the Pxxxx commands? The results I get from the Haas post are almost identical to that. Would it work if we find/replace G65 with G38.2?



Yeah replacing those lines of code for the G38.2 method should eventually work but it would require a couple additional lines to incremental G91 before G38.2 and set adjust the temporary work offset using G92 in order for G38.2 to work properly.

The P numbers are identifying the macros that need to be executed by the controller. Masso does not support custom Macros this way.

Cheers, Stephen Brown