Power Supply Requirements


Is it recommended to run the Masso off a dedicated power supply or can it be run from the power supply that runs the stepper motor electronics?

If so, what are the specific requirements of the power supply besides voltage?


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It is not a requirement to have a separate power supply, but if you do separate your power supplies you'll usually have less "issues" with the system, as any problem(s) in one won't effect the other unit. Bottom line; not needed but a good idea, especially since power supplies don't cost that much.


Can anyone recommend a PSU to supply the masso ?

I see so many cheap ones on ebay, but which PSU is a more quality unit ?

Is something like this from Jaycar ok ?


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That PSU is discontinued but it is perfect to use. Depending on where you live, it maybe available in your local store and if it is, it's at a great price.

Otherwise it's recommended replacement is even better being the slimline version.




I see so many cheap ones on ebay, but which PSU is a more quality unit ?

If you stick with Meanwell Power Supplies you can't go wrong - but beware of cheaper Chinese knockoffs branded Meanwell.



Yes that will be fine for your Masso as well as any relays and homing switches (if they are powered that is) you may have hanging off the Masso. Not for drivers/steppers etc. though. Patrick


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On the topic of a separate power supply, I found this at a local electronics store: 12-24 volt, where I can pick from several values:

It's a 1.5 amp supply, similar to a PC laptop, with a switch on the side to select the voltage.

My question is do I tie the negative of this supply to the negative of say a 24 V 20 amp supply used to run the stepper motors, via a TB6600 stepper driver? I like the idea of separate supplies, and appreciate your thoughts, as I haven't even unboxed my Masso, just reading bug eyed !!!