Probing thickness across work piece


Hi Guys,

CNC/machining newbie here so forgive my newbie question.

I work with acrylic and the thickness over a larger piece of acrylic can vary quite a lot. That has been causing issues with some of the things I machine, as I need to create o-ring channels to create a water-tight seal. In some cases, the depth of the channel can vary too much and is affecting the seal.

I recently saw this video am I correct in assuming he s probing to measure the variance across the surface of the acrylic? I m wondering if it would be a solution to the problem I m having (if it s even doing what I think it s doing).

If so, can the Masso do this? Or is there a better way to solve this issue?

Video mentioned (should be cued up to the right spot!):

Thanks in advance!