I have connected a touchplate and if I use the new probing routine then I get a probing alarm.

And when I place the touchplate against the bit, the homing routine starts and all axes go to the home position.

What am I doing wrong??

I installed the latest firmware and connected the touch plate according to the instructions provided by Masso.

Please help.



MASSO Support
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is your touch signal showing LOW when the bit is not touching the plate? because it must show LOW when not touching and HIGH when you touch the plate.


Thank you Masso for the answer.

I did not put the correct line on the input pin, I had done the home routine ;-(

Now it works.
Only the z-axis does not go all the way to zero after probing.
I can still place 4 papers under the bit?
Also the x and y routine does not match the button on the screen, when I press the button in the lower left it goes in the opposite direction.
What am I doing wrong or overlooked?

Greetings Martin.


MASSO Support
Staff member
Hi Martin,

Have you set the correct thickness for your touch plate?

Are you pressing the Set Z after the probing is complete?

Have you seen this video which gives an explanation of how to use the Z probing function?

With regards the X,Y issue can you be more specific.





Are you operating milling machine with a fixed head or a cnc router with a moveable head in X&Y?

For a mill the table moves in the opposite direction to obtain the desired cut in X & Y direction. A router gantry moves in the same direction as the desired X & Y direction.

Please explain what type of machine you have so we can understand your question.

Cheers, Stephen Brown