Probing Videos


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Well executed videos, I watched them a couple of hours after you posted to your YT channel. I'm sure that MASSO users will find them useful.

I purchased the Dewtronic probe and find it excellent for finding X & Y but until I work out a way to easily auto tool zero the probe I haven't been using it to set Z. Because we use a collet spindle on the CNC router, I can't set tool length in the MASSO tool table, so we use auto tool zero which requires the tool tip to be "grounded" to the Masso -ve, but the Dewtronics probe has the tip isolated because of the internal circuit design.




I wondering if there is a way to use Masso's probing routines to find the center line of a rotary axis. Mach4 has a function where you can chuck a calibrated metal rod in the rotary axis then use a rotary probing routine to find both sides and then the top of the rod, thus locating the centerline of the rotary axis. Can this be done with the existing Masso probing setup?



That feature is not available at this time. They only provided a feature for finding the center of an inside pocket. Finding the center of a rotary axis and the center of an external feature can only be done by calculating the offset then finding one side followed by finding the top of the feature with a second probing function. It's not fully automatic but it works very well just the same.

Cheers, Stephen Brown