Procam Router Masso Conversion with ATC



If anyone is interested I am making good progress on a conversion of a Procam Router with 14 Tool inline ATC to a Masso G3 controller. It has been set up as a Type 1 Auto Tool change.

Still refining the movement and tuning the parameters, The video is basic, but is a good example of how the Masso can control the ATC. The slowing for the Tool Height sensor is high, too alow for some long tooling.

Procam ATC

Let me know if you have any Questions or Tips.


Damo, have been watching you do this.

A credit to what you have been able to achieve.

Refurbish a big router table that got neglected that originally had all the bells and whistles.

A big task you took on.

It takes so much input, that others will not see.

Build it, they will come.