Rapid over ride knob


Hi guys, I am new here and considering the upgrade on 2 milling machines which now are equipped with Fanuc GN 6 controllers. I want to use the existing driver boards and servos and go from there if possible. These are both very ridged machines, One is a Shizooka, the other is a Clearman with a 48 by 24 table that weighs over 500 lbs. Both have some controller issues at present and that is why I am looking. I am trying to use what I have to work with.

I have several questions that I have posted to Masso and so far they have been very responsive and sent me here. I do not want to start striping out the old controllers until I have a good handle on what to expect from the Masso. I have been watching all the videos I can see and have noted one thing that perhaps someone can shed some light on. It seems like many of the machines are home built routers in wood. It also seems like they are like watching glue dry when running. I can only conclude that the owners do not know how to call a rapid up for a positioning move or perhaps they don't even have an manual override to make things a little faster. My machines both have a rapid override knob with several positions as percentage of override selectable. and spindle override for fine tuning rpm.

If the gantries are not ridged then I can understand going slow. but my intent is to cut some serious metal with these machines. Can I expect the Masso to do this job. Can Manual override switches be wired into the Masso?

Thanks for all the input. Regards