Rapid override, Feed override without MPG, WCS divide by 2


Alright just a couple of thoughts as I'm new to the Masso controller but have often used Haas controllers and have seen a lot with Mach 3 and Path Pilot.

The Haas controls I really like are the physical buttons (obviously clickable ones in this case) that allow you to change rapids to something like 5%, 25%, 50%, 100%. This way we can possibly avoid slamming into a part if we run a program for the first time but still have options to speed it up once a program has been proven, or whatever the case. This is almost the same with feedrate override (and spindle override too) except there is just a +10% feedrate, -10% feedrate, and 100% feedrate so you can set the feedrate and get it back to 100% on the fly. Same goes with the spindle if you need more or less RPM at any moment in time. I realize this can be done via the MPG handwheel but for those that don't have it and for those that don't wan't to have to both hold F11/F12 then jog at the same time it might be more convenient. But I will say this is nice for getting an exact feedrate/spindle rpm if needed. Features like this would make me really want a touchscreen also.

Final request is for setting up work coordinates. I like to set mine up for one off parts by using an edge finder and getting the center of my stock. Currently you'd have to go to one edge, zero, go to the other edge then divide that number by two and manually jog to that position to find center. Mach and Pathpilot both have it to where you can go to one edge, then go to the other (say 2 in. in x positive, then press /2 in the X DRO and it will set your midpoint to 1. Hopefully that made sense. It would save a lot of time and extra math and leave less room for error.


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thanks for the input, we are working on a new screen layout for future software updates and have added your feedback to our development list.