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Hello everyone

So i had an old Chinese mpg pendant lying in my workshop So i decided to link it with my masso. I did the wiring exactly same as they (masso) have mentioned on the site. But something is wrong. The mpg pendant is not working at all. Do we have to change some settings in the masso?. . If yes... Then please do let me know about them.


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Hi Sourabh

Could you be a little more specific. There is no programming needed to make the pendant work if you have wired it as per the diagram.

On the F1 input screen there are 10 inputs associated with the MPG and these are split into 3 groups.
  1. Resolution - When you select a resolution then one of the 3 resolution inputs will be high while the other 2 are low.
  2. Select axis - There are 5 axis inputs and one of these will be high when selected and the rest low. The axis select input also has an off position in which case all axis will show low and no axis will move. For the MPG to work you must have one axis set high
  3. Dial signal - This is from your MPG and it will A & B signals will flash high and low as you turn the MPG dial.

Your first step is figuring out which of these signals you are getting and which you are missing. That will take you a long way to figuring out where your problem is.

Hope this helps