Remote Relay Module


An alternative relay module that can be mounted remotely from the G3 MASSO controller with minimal wiring.

Use an existing TTL digital output to provide a serial signal to a remote relay board (single wire controlling 6 or 8 relays).

Optional hardwired E-Stop input that when not active results in all relays turning off or if the serial data from the G3 MASSO controller stops for more than a predefined period (> second?) the remote relay board goes into ESTOP and the relays turn off.

This would allow relocating the relays with minimal wiring (MASSO Touch).


I use Usriot modbus relay and DI DO units, they are ethernet and Wi-Fi, really great devices. Using one of these you could have one as a sender one as a receiver, when the input goes high on one it will trigger a relay on the second one which would be connected to a Masso input or vice versa.

Another option is they sell similar boards that can be set up in the same way. Can be set up on a computer then left to run.

If Masso had Modbus/ RS485 it would be possible to have this talk without having to use onboard inputs!