Removable Dust Shoe During Tool Change?


Did a search and came up with nothing on this topic...

...Saw a router that had it's dust collector shoe held on with some magnets (the ShopSabre Dust Dock, in this video). As part of a tool change routine, the spindle first went over to a fixed location where there were a couple of clips (like toolholder clips) sticking out and slid the dust collector shoe into the clips, then moved up in the Z axis to pull the dust boot off, where after it went about a normal tool change routine, then came back to the dust shoe and lowered back onto the shoe, which reattached with the magnets. The next X/Y move was to slide the boot out of the clips and continue machining.

How can I accomplish this with my G3 and the existing tool change logic? Is there a way to have an M6 trigger the above sequence before and after the normal tool change?


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Hi safeairone

Nice docking solution.
You would need to add custom Gcode before and after the M6 which would be easy enough to do in the post processor
  • Change to G53 work offset to move to the dust shoe docking position and do what ever needs to be done to remove the shoe.
  • Change back to G54 or whatever work offset you were using before hand.
  • Do the M6
  • After the M6 the spindle should return to the dust shoe as that is where you called the M6 from
  • Change to G53 and preform the dust shoe reattachment and move the shoe out of the holder
  • Change back to G54 or whatever work offset you were using before hand.
  • Continue with the normal Gcode

You will need to test this to see if it works and if there are any unforeseen issues.
You don't need to do the full routine, Just move to the desired location before and after. It it works then flesh out the rest of the Gcode needed though it is very simple.
I don't know if it would work but I think it will and this is where I would start.

A much better option is to use a dust shoe designed to be used with a tool changer as the logic for Mill tool changers already have dust hood management included in them but that's just my personal opinion.
I hope it works for you.

Cheers Peter


Thanks Peter. I think your approach to dust shoe docking is pretty sound. I ll give it a try if I go this route.



Curious if you have any recommendations for a dust shoe that works well with the existing Masso tool change flow. I was about to start designing my own, but I have enough projects already doing on, I wouldn't mind avoid adopting a new one. :)