Retrofit and ATC



I am working on a retrofit with an older cnc mill. The machine has an umbrella style tool changer which i haven't figured out how to gett working with my current controller. At the moment i'm not using The Masso but i'm considering it since i think this will be the best and easies way to gett the ATC to work.

But i have two issues that i'm not sure how to work out.
  1. The spindel is BT30 so the tool has to be indexed for the fingers to line up with the cool. My question is how this is done. Can the Masso controle the spindel with such precision and a sensor to gett the spindel in the right location. Or perhaps an encoder is a better solution?
  2. How to index the carousel? The original controller used a stepper motor, this is still on the machine. Is there a better way to control the indexing of the carousel?

To move the carousel in place for the tool change i will use a pneumatic cylinder and the same for the power drawbar.

This is my first cnc retrofit so im quite new to most of the cnc world. Im thankful for any tips or information that can help me.