Retrofit Gerber Sabre 404 With Elmo Drives


It looks like I will be retrofitting my controller on my Gerber Sabre 404, 1998 vintage.

The motors are brushed DC motors - GEC Alsthom Parvex Model Number: RX32ER1026

The motor drives are Elmo Model Number: SSA-8/100. Here is the link for the motor drive documentation:

Here is someone who has done the same project, but also replaced his servo drives.

What I am interested in doing is replacing my drive controller, but keeping my existing drives.

I m a bit of a newbie to servos and servo drives, so I m not exactly sure if the Masso controller can control these particular older drives directly. Here is a pic of the relevant pages (pp 16-17) in the Elmo drive documentation.

Page 16

Page 17

Is this something that can be done? Any help is appreciated!


MASSO Support
Staff member
These drives are very old and only take analog signals. you will need to use another drives (something just like the cnczone forum) to be able to use with MASSO or any other new controller.