Rigid Tapping G84 update


Just wondering how the Tapping cycles are going weather they will be updated or implemented soon, rigid Tapping G84 is the main one I m interested in, it was mentioned three years ago that it was being worked on, is there an update, there seems to be a lot of talk on other forums about people turning away from Masso for not providing software and G codes like many of the other systems out there. Could we please get an update.


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Could you supply your serial number, so we can create test software for you to test.
This will be made available via myWorkshop. You will need to be registered as a beta tester to download it.




Thanks for getting back to me, that s good news you s are looking to roll out Rigid tapping, The mill I want rigid tapping on I m still waiting to hear back some details on a Spindle driver or closed loop VFD for it, once I have them I will see if Masso can run it, before I purchase another Masso controller for it,

I want to be able to run 5 axis simultaneous and have a spindle that I can orient/index
Does Masso not currently support rigid tapping? We were planning on retrofitting 3 VMC's and without rigid tapping as an option we will have to look for a different control option.
Perhaps I should have asked how can a controller in this day and age not support rigid tapping?

I’ve already see the links you provided. I’m trying to figure out how to use this controller with this limitation and no thread milling isn’t a solution. It’s not a fast enough process. We need to be able to rigid tap to consider this control. Currently I am thankful we cancelled our order so we can find a solution.