Roland MDX540 retrofit


So I got sick of trying to fix my roland mdx540, so have decided to put in a masso and geckodrives (203v's)

I'm after some advice on how to wire up the spindle motor to the controller.

Masso spindle wiring diagrams are all for vfd controlled motors, but was hoping to utilise existing spindle. The spindle we have on the machine has 3 wires for the motor itself (110v ac so guessing active, neutral, earth) and from my research 5 smaller wires being 5v, 0v, and 3 Hall effect. Attached is a wiring diagram and see what you think. I also have a gecko servo motor driver g320 available if that helps.

page 3 of this forum thread might be of use too.

Spindle is the Nidec power motor corp UGBTEH-5 400W AC100V




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I did some quick research and it looks like a DC brush less motor will hall effect sensor outputs, we have seen some similar motors but not sure if this is the same one. You might be able to do some research on these types of motors.