rotary tool changer on victor 4 milling machine



Good afternoon. Hope you can help.

Looking to convert a old milling machine to masso, but it has a rotary tool changer on, see picture attached.

Do you support this type of rotary toll changer?

kind regard



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Arie the system work almost the same as a umbrella tool changer (

the only difference is instead of sliding the whole tool changer in and out and the Z axis moving up and down to collect the the tool, the following happens with this tool changer:
  1. the rotary tool changer rotates to the desired tool, a pneumatic cylinder actuates the tool downward.
  2. a swivel arm collects the tool from the rotary tool holder.
  3. in the mean time the other end of the arm is at the atc, collects the old tool from the atc,( the arm has 2 ends), grabs it, drops down to take it out.
  4. the arm swivels around to the atc with the new tool, lifts up, atc collects it.
  5. in the mean time the rotary tool changer, which has rotated to the position that the old tool sits in and the pneumatic cylinder actuates down.
  6. collects the tool at the same time as the atc collects its tool,
  7. pneumatic cylinder actuates back and the swivel arm rotate out of the way

hope this is a brief explanation of how the atc works

please see attached link to a haas side moount tool changer that works in very similar way to one we have.

side note, this machine was bought in a non running condition and a lot of components missing. we are in the process of building it up and adding the components that is missing.

hence the whole new operating system.