Runaway axis jogging on keyboard


Pinoy CNC
I am using the V3.29A,
1. I find out that if you jog the axis using your keyboard the axis that you are jogging will run even you just take off pushing the keyboard it will stop running the axis if you push the esc button on keyboard.
2. HOMING, there is the time that the axis that you home is ignoring the home switch and go beyond the maximum limit and crash the axis.
For example. I home my machine first move the z. I am waiting to stop my z axis after the axis reach the sensor and retract at 3mm. But what happen is the axis go beyond the sensor and all the way luckily my stepper motor is not that powerful to damage my axis.
3. If you are updatating the software you cannot plug the usb to usb hub and update. You need to unplug the usb hub and connect it derectly to controller.


I have had the same issue with axis continuing to move after lifting finger from keyboard. this issue has been with each axis and has been over a few day so machine has been through power up cycle a few times.

This is with latest update.V3.29A.2A 5A-1984 controller for mill.


Pinoy CNC
Also i encounter glich on starting to start the gcode. Sometime donnt start using control+s you need to do restart again using control+r and do control+s.

Also you need to retart the whole system when you encounter glich on homing run away


This issue is a lot more common with the new 29.2a version, hardly ever with the previous version. The old version only had trouble with double character inputs in the menu input boxes.

The MASSO is now missing the keyboard "key release" command, and continues moving until you force it to stop. I know timings with all USB devices is tricky, but this is forced my to stop trusting the MASSO keyboard JOGing..

I never know when it will take off on me instead of only moving 1mm.


Pinoy CNC
the v3.31b version software solve this problem, i am still to try the glitch on start running the gcode if there still there or just gone on this new version