sad day for my masso


letter below was sent to masso

Hello today has been a real sad day for me with my masso controller , this how i think it has all started about a month ago i start my machine up and it was having trouble with the estop button not releasing so i thought it was going bad but time went on with days no problem till today and it has stopped working all together . it turns on but a lot of things do not work like the dro machine moves but nothing shows , move to the files page and it some times loads files from the usb and some times not the menu bars there blink at a fast pace like there is a key pressed so unplugged the key board . no change and it locks up some times now when i reboot it no mouse movement no key board some time loads a file but more i cant get any thing to do any thing so im thinking it has tobe the controller is dieing as i have un plugged every thing from the controller and its the same old story estop some times comes on atthe start asking tobe released and some times not at all . so your input would be help full in what im to do as i really am going to miss working on my cnc.
Hi Richard,


will you be able to make a video so that we can exactly see wthats going on and then provide feedback? Also can you please create a forum topic ?on our forums so that we can reply there and this info might also help others in the future.

later on today i went back in my shop to look at it again and it was still doing the same thing could not open a file as it looked like i had a key pressed estop did not come on on boot up . so i was just standing there trying to think of what to do and i hit the escape key button on the screen and it just started working right . no clue what just happened as i have never hit that icon before . but like i said in my first email to masso this has been going on now for a month so im sure i have not seen its last well i hope i have. I did get a screen shot of the file screen with my phone but did not think of taking a video. so check it out and tell me what you think it might be my problem as lord since i have made this machine it has not stopped running and love it for a home built plasma table . here below is a few pictures i took if you look at the slide bar in all the pictures you can see it was flickering i call it . so i just clicked a file and it did open it but it opened real real slow . never seen this before with the machine just the estop button release on start up. sorry all i no this is kinda confusing as so much was going on i was trying any thing i could think of as i did need to get this job done as it was for my belt sander motor plate i had to make since its a junk harbor freight motor upgrade smile . but i will turn it on again tomorrow and see if i can figure out what is going on. thanks again masso


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Hi Richard,

I have had a look at your photos to see if I can figure out your issue.

The first 2 photos looks to be the same image as I cannot any difference between them

On the 3rd image i can see you have selected your file and it is loading and has reached 21% in the scanning phase.

In the last photo I can see that the file has loaded.

Depending on how big your Gcode file is it can take quite a while for it to load and during that time it may appear to do nothing. If this is the case please post the Gcode file that is giving the trouble and we can have a look at it.

I'm not sure what the issue is with your Estop button. It is normal for the Estop to require pressing and releasing when Masso starts. Have a look at the video below and check that your Estop is wired correctly.

I don't understand what "the dro machine moves but nothing shows" means. Can you elaborate please?

Do you mean that you can move the X,Y & Z axis on the machine but the DRO's do not update on the screen?

It is possible that you might have a corrupt USB Flash drive. Do you have another that you can try and see if that fixes the file loading issue?

Any additional information you can provide will be appreciated so that we can get an understanding of your problem.