Safer start job process, bigger more prominent feedhold button.


I would like to see a safer job start screen. The current screen allows for accidentally starting the machine if you leave the pointer on the cycle start button. This has actually happen to me, luckily my hands were no near the router s business end.

The cycle start button should be renamed to start or something and pressing it triggers a new simpler screen that has only buttons needed when the machine is running. A large Cycle Start button. When clicked and the machine is running it changes to red Feed Hold button In my view there are way too many buttons on that screen when the machine is running.

When you see a problem occurring you want as little distractions as possible when wanting to stop the machine. The only buttons which should be visible when the machine is running are those that have a purpose when it s running. Other buttons would likely be smaller buttons for Spindle Stop and Goto Work Origin etc. When Feed hold is clicked, the screen switches back to the main screen or there is a back button. Many times the mechanical emergency stop button is overkill, when you just want to stop the machine quickly.

However it is implemented, the basic idea is to simplify the screen when it is running by removing from the screen those button which are not pertinent and make the Feedhold large and red button prominent to be click when needed. Also, make starting the machine a two step process and eliminate possibility of accidentally starting the machine.


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