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Hi guys, more newb questions sorry

Just orderd my Masso and checking my current monitor with a Resolution of 1920 x 1080 is in fact suitable, I notice Masso output is a lot lower resolution, but I take it that doesn't matter.

Also my current wireless keyboard and mouse are fine I take it.

thanks again.


@masso-support: I have a question about this - You're relying on the monitor to handle the scaling right? So if it's widescreen then is the masso GUI stretched to fit (that is, circles become ovals?). If so the better option is to get a 4:3 aspect ratio display, correct?


MASSO Support
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While Masso scales the toolpath for take up as much of the toolpath area on the screen it does not scale it to match a 16 x 9 monitor. The Masso screen is 3 x 4.

The result is the entire image is stretched so as you said circles look like ovals.

Some LCD monitors have the ability to select the aspect ratio so it might be worth checking if you already have one to hand. Setting it 3 x 4 you will have bands down the sides.

You might be able to pick up a 2nd hand 3 x 4 monitor very cheap these days when everyone wants wide screen.

Cheers Peter


That's what I figured. We probably have some 1280x1024 screens in the storage space in the basement. I just prefer to use the native resolution (especially with VGA) when possible, because the sharpness of a scaled screen varies depending on the quality of the scaling the monitor does. Most aren't great. Though for this purpose I'm not sure it'll matter that much, as long as it's 4:3.