Screen layout of loaded file


Hi all, One thing I would like to see on the job screen is colour differentiated layers for different tools/depth/passes etc. Some times the job has so much 'yellow' that the screen is to all intents and purposes practically useless. There is no real visual clue as to progress of the job. Also if there was a 3d view one could see the passes etc before job commencement. Could there not be a colour code for tools in the tool set up and when said tool is used it shows on the screen. example: Lets say tool 3 in your tool library set up is coded red. When a job is loaded which uses tool 3 you see that its path is 'red' and it is underneath (say) the tool 5 path (blue) because it comes at a tool change after tool 5 (blue) - you can also see that it (red) does 2 passes - the 2nd pass is deeper than the first. You can see this because there are 2 pass lines - one under the other - when you tilt the screen/view to see the 3d view. Also when tool 5 (blue) is done - it disappears from the screen - leaving tool 3 (red) in view. etc. This could save some 'duh-oh' moments - even before they happen.

What a great idea - I'm a jenius... (also where are the jenius emoticons ???) :)