Scribe M codes for plasma


Hi Masso,

Post processor request for Plasma.

I would like to ask if it is possible to add M08 and M09 to turn a scribe on and off.

It will be added to the relay outputs.

Thank you From Ross.


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you can edit the post processor file and do the custom changes as required. Or you might be able to add g/m codes in sheetcam also.


Hi Masso,

I asked if you are able to add this to your plasma post script.

The reason is because I am not a program writer and I am quite computer illiterate when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Plus there are a lot of people in the plasma community that have a air scribe attached to there Z axis.

Like you know in the past, I didn't even know how to open the Masso Plasma post script.

I think it needs to be a standard feature for plasma.

Thank you For your time, From Ross.



I much appreciate that,

I tried again all day yesterday and still had no luck.

Look forward to seeing it in a future update.

Thank you from everyone who will benefit from this.

Most of all me!


I am hoping to use The Masso plasma postscript and have the "Mach3 thc with scriber"postscript incorporated to the Masso postscript. (M08/M09 to turn scribe on/off.)

Postscript came from Sheetcam.

This is the Solenoid valve that I use and it works straight from the Masso relay outputs.

Thank you from Ross.


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send an email to less at sheet cam he has one for mach 3 it looks like you have your scribe going up and down with the z

so what you do is use the marker tool in sheet cam for the scribe lines tell less you want the post for the marker tool and not fire the torch

then assigne an out put from masso to activate the tool

hope this helps


Hi @jcoldon,

I am still in the build proses of my plasma and have used the mach3 scribe to get it working thanks.

I think the Masso has a better command over controlling movement and am waiting for the Masso update.

At the moment I am sorting out electrical noise from the plasma with a complete rewire.

From Ross.