Semi-automatic tool change


Using Mach3 in combination with 2010Screenset my tool changes are semi-automatic. An initial Z-zero probe also probes a fixed block. The offset between the initial z-zero and the height of the fixed block is stored internally. Subsequent tool changes are with two macros. The first brings the spindle to a tool change position and stops the spindle. The second probes the fixed block and sets the offset based on the previous probes, starts the spindle, and continues the job. This type of routine would be helpful in automatic tool changes as well as it would obviate the necessity to set tool height in the tool list.


MASSO Support
Staff member
This function is available in MASSO and its called Auto Tool Zero. You dont need to write any macros, just simple settings such as the location of your tool touch plate and when you want the spindle to be for manual tool change, all logic including spindle on/off is handled by MASSO. Please see this video for detailed instruction: