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I am Retro fitting a Horizontal Dowel CNC from Accu-Systems. The control was bad in it so I got your Masso G3. Wiring the Parker Diver sLVD5 got me stumped. I will send the Wiring and See if you can help..

So in the PDF 40 and 18 are the 2 that I'm confused about. The rest of it I understand.


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I think you're in for a bit of a deep dive with this one. But just to put you at ease, the Parker site states these drives can be set to step & direction input for position control.

What you have labelled 40 seems to be the CW/CCW commands from the motion controller to the drive. These are what Page 14 of the manual says REF+ and REF- on X4 are and those are analogue inputs. Masso is a digital controller that sends out differential Step/Direction signals. So, you have to change parameters on the drive to Step/Dir input. I've had a look at the manual and although it's not very clear, there are some bits telling you what needs to be done.

The SLVD manual mentions "position control" several times. Also mentions on pages 23,23 about setting X3 to receive what seems to be digital signals:
"X3 is programmed as frequency/sign input. The mode must be set when you want to simulate a stepper motor or the pulses train function." This sounds very much like Step/Dir

Pages 36,37,38 mention several parameters that seem to indicate step/direction. Looks like some of the changes involve swapping X3 to be an step/dir input as opposed to an encoder output:
  • B40.2 Selection of the reserved/user reference: If = 1, the reserved reference of the operating mode in use is used. If = 0, the reference selected by b40.0, b40.12 and b40.13 is used. Default = 0. Looks like this needs to be set to 0
  • B40.12 Selection of the digital/analogue reference: Default=0. If = 0, the analogue input will be selected as the main reference. If = 1, the reference will be digital and b40.13 can be used to select parameter Pr4 or parameter Pr5. Looks like this needs to be set to 1
  • B40.13 Selector of internal reference Pr5 or frequency reference Pr4: Default=0. If b40.12 = 1, b40.13 can be used to make the selection. If = 0, the internal reference can be used. If = 1, the frequency input (encoder-in) which can be configured as frequency/direction or as a quadrature signal by using b42.5. Looks like this needs to be set to 1
  • B42.5 Frequency input (X3 connector): If set to 1, the frequency input is programmed to receive two quadrature phases and this is the default value. If set to 0, a frequency/direction type of input can be received. Looks like this needs to be set to 0
  • Pr31 Operating mode: Default=0. Used to select the active operating mode. The value 0 means that no operating mode has been selected. From further reading, operating mode would have to be 13,14 or 15, so this should be set to one of those 3 numbers

You shouldn't have to worry about the encoder (18). I would read pages 49-50 carefully to work out the position loop and more parameter changes, but it looks like there is at least one parameter that can help:
B70.1 Feedback. Default = 0. If = 0, feedback is done by the resolver. If = 1, feedback is done by the encoder (X3). In this last case, the parameters Pr52 and Pr53 serve to rate the pulses per revolution at 4096. Looks like this should be set to it's default of 0. If you search the manual, 'resolver' is what Parker calls the actual rotary motor encoder and the 'encoder' is the signal sent from the drive to the motion controller. I suspect this has been set to 1 by Accu-Systems.

Maybe someone with more experience (@breezy) can find other bits in the manual that could push you closer to getting the drives into step/dir mode.


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Maybe someone with more experience (@breezy) can find other bits in the manual that could push you closer to getting the drives into step/dir mode.

I don't know you 're doing pretty good job of it yourself. The only reason that I was giving answers that helped was that I had the time to sit and read the manual, then interpret the technical language into terms that a layman could understand. But now I can't spend that time as I've accepted a part time job is using up that time I had available to respond to these questions.