Small intro


Hey y'all,

I'm posting a bit in other sections of the forum but I figured i'd do an intro.

I started CAD and 3D printing a year and a half ago, now i've been into CNC machining since the start of the year. I purchased a table kit of RoverCNC and assembled it with a Masso, Clearpath motors and a cheap chinese spindle. I've had a couple of issues but nothing too overwhelming. My business makes parts for other businesses, mainly foundries.

Incoming upgrades are an automatic tool changer, different enclosure, flood coolant and vacuum chucks. I mainly use the table to machine Renshape and 3D printed parts. Here's a picture of the machine and a part i made lately. There is a bit of faceting but I think i need to tweak the smoothing settings. Overall the parts are nice and i've been pushing the thing to 15m/min cutting speeds (~600ipm) with 3/8 tools on 1D DOC 0.4D WOD in Renshape so i'm pretty happy with the results.

Next machine i'll be building is a 3+1 axis vertical mill with a custom trunnion in order to machines mold like these 4 at a time lights out. I'm leaving the possibility to upgrade to a 5th axis later on.


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Nice to see some of your work and your machine, sounds like you are pretty productive. Renshape looks like nice material to mill but far too expensive for a hobbyist like yours truly.

Your future upgrades will keep you out of mischief for some time! I look forward to further instalments of your work and your upgrades. Patrick