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I've searched here on the forum and in the documentation and haven't found it mentioned anywhere, but is there any other way to resetting a soft limit alarm than re-homing the machine?

Here is the situation, we were testing (air cutting) some g-code written by another member. I have not seen his design or Fusion CAM setup. But he was wanting to cut out a pattern that was approx 600mm wide out of a piece 1200 x 600 of MDF that was positioned longways down, on the right hand side of the table. He wanted the WCS to be 50mm in from the left edge for tabs. So the mill was setup and the program started and couple of lines in before any movement code was reached a X soft limit was thrown. Now because I don't know of any other way to reset soft limits we re-homed the mill.

This went on for several attempts adjusting the first lines of code (removing unsupported G code), WCS until I had a chance to have a good look at the g-code and see that the first X move was 595mm to the right, this move was taking the cutter passed the right limit of the machine. So we solved the problem by moving the piece MDF to the left side of the table.

But the question I have is it possible to reset a soft limit alarm without having to re-home the machine?

The homing speed (1000mm/min) has been greatly slowed down from the rapid (9000mm/min) the machine runs at, as at that speed it was slamming into the limit switches and bending the actuator levers. Hence it can take a couple of minutes to home when the head is located at the other end of the table to the homing position.


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Once you get a soft limit alarm it will keep flashing until a valid command is given, this can be any g or mcode command.

When you load a job and you want to setup the piece on the machine bed, it's a good idea to move the axis around to all corners of the job looking at the cursor on the screen and the tool on the machine, this will give you a good idea on the position of the cutting area and if it fits within the machine limits.



Is there any write up in the documentation about resetting soft limit alarms? If not could it be added for new users of the MASSO.