some kind of a conversion from GRBL to MASSO


Finaly I have the machine running with MASSO. I used to machine with UGS and GRBL, buth for me this is next level.

Most of the attached pictures are selfexplaining
  • I designed and ordered some PCB's for easy wiring the console.
  • Illuminated push buttons are conected to the PCB with PCB connectors and 1 DB25 cable goes to the Masso controller.
  • LED strips are also controlled with a self made PCB and take the red and yellow tower. Green= air, Blue is mist coolant.
  • The Green tower light is assigned to the green LED in the start push button.
  • Steppers were swapped for a closed loop 3 phase system. 5000pulses/rev 10K is also possible but not needed for now.
  • Max speed of Y is 10m/min. I used to have it on 4m/min.
  • Auto tool length is added.
  • Probing is upgraded with a 3D probe.
  • Y-axis are upgraded to a direct drive system. no more belts seems to be no more backlash.
  • A new frame/enclosure is built for more easy acces to the machine. Yes, I have to clean it myself...
  • Automatic sliding doors were really cool to watch, but this sideway opening doors are more usefull.
  • At the right bottom of the supporting frame, a drawer hides all the components for the cooling system.

I had a lot of fun with milling the corners supports of the console. its a mix of aluminium and polycarbonate with LED-strips for the status of the machine.

Now it's time to stop upgrading, check one more time all the safety features and start with more advanced milling !



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