Spindle CCW / STOP / CW External Inputs.


Please consider adding external inputs for Masso CCW, STOP, and CW Spindle functions. I would be very handy to have external control over the Masso spindle functions using external inputs. This could serve either external push buttons or other safety lockout type controls.

Cheers, Stephen Brown



I want to have 3rd party controls on all functions but as signals IN to the Masso so the Masso is still in charge and knows where everything is up to



I agree whole heartedly and have also put in a request just the other day for the very same thing. If they have it for the flood function why not the spindle functions, or cool or shift? They just need to be tied to the appropriate outputs internally in the Masso and that would sure simplify the interface. Not every one uses a program to run these machines. Sometimes it is quick do a one off piece from the keyboard and mouse or touch pad. These inputs are really a necessary improvement to speed things up and add versatility to the operations. Looks like it should be a very simple software fix to me.




My lathe can be used as both a manual or cnc machine.

The spindle can be turned on and off via the F2 screen but this can be awkward with the small screen built into the lathe.

If I could use the front panel switches it would be safer and easier to use the machine in manual mode.

Regards, Greg