Spindle load


Spindle load

add ability to display spindle load on screen with other spindle info, in form of multi color bar level indicator, and text percentage display.

use analog input for 0-10v signal from VFD for load / amps

provide scale settings for 0-150% corresponding to 0-10v allowing user config of load scale

provide yellow and redline settings to allow user to config at what percentage to change color of indicator

additionally would be great if

provide ability to hold or stop cycle if X load is reached for Y time


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We can add this to the MASSO logic, just one question here, is this 0-10v signal like a standard signal offered on all VFD's?


yep 0-10v standard , can also use a current transducer to convert the load on say a router to a 0-10v signal see link

just run one of the power leads of the router through the transducer and even non VFD setups could make use of spindle load display

just the scale of the 0-10v signal will vary, so make sure user can set it

some times especially with the transducer 10v will not be the max so allow input signal conditioning along with scale settings

voltage in 0 to X volts = 0 to Y % , and % should be allowed to go over 100%, as most VFDs will provide load upto 125% standard on the 0-10V output.


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The VFD supplied with our 3DTek Heavy Mill is the Invertek Optidrive IP20 which provides 0 to 10v for 0 to 200% of Output (Motor) Current or Drive Rated Power depending on the setting of P-25.

So the upper limit should be 200%.



For the Bicton Men's Shed.


Quote from MASSO - Support on September 14, 2018, 10:37 pm

so is 200% used to tell how much overloading is on the spindle?

that drive provides o-10v output scaled at 200% of motors rated current, but trips overload at 100% of motors rated current (and is not adjustable on the drive)

so the usable resolution of 0-10v output is kinda limited due to this, but a great example of why you need to provide user settable scaling for the input and display, because each drive is slightly different, and some are not adjustable on the drive.

and the hold or stop feature I first noted would be idea for @breezy's drive to help protect the motor in his use case of a man cave.


Would be awesome if it also could be used to monitor servos, there are 4 inputs so that would be enough for all normal 3-axis machines.


Could that same logic be extended to clear path dc servos. Or can that be done via the HLFB out put on the clear path?